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Zebrafish Discovery May Shed Light on Human Kidney Function

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Feb. 19, 2014 — Researchers say the discovery of how sodium ions pass through the gill of a zebrafish may be a clue to understanding a key function in the human kidney. The findings from a collaboration between Mayo Clinic and the Tokyo Institute of Technology appear [...]

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Medical Experts for Media - Physiology

Michael Joyner, M.D. Gary Sieck, Ph.D. __________________________________________________________________________ Michael Joyner, M.D., a specialist in exercise science, specifically with track and field, world records, doping and the older athlete Author of more than 150 scientific articles Media Experience: Interview experience with national print and broadcast media, including CBS, USA Today and The [...]

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Should Doctors Treat Lack of Exercise as a Medical Condition? Mayo Expert Says 'Yes'

ROCHESTER, Minn. — August 13, 2012.  A sedentary lifestyle is a common cause of obesity, and excessive body weight and fat in turn are considered catalysts for diabetes, high blood pressure, joint damage and other serious health problems. But what if lack of exercise itself were treated as a medical [...]

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Who Knew? Fruit Flies Get Kidney Stones Too, May Hold Key to Treatment for Humans

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Research on kidney stones in fruit flies may hold the key to developing a treatment that could someday stop the formation of kidney stones in humans, a team from Mayo Clinic and the University of Glasgow found. They recently presented their findings at the Genetics Society of [...]

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Smoking, Sugar, Spirits & ‘Sin’ Taxes: Higher Price Would Help Health

Physicians call for new tax on sugary drinks, fatty foods; tax hike on tobacco, alcoholic beverages Go ye and sin no more - or pay for it, when it comes to junk food, smoking and consuming alcohol. That’s the message from two Mayo Clinic physicians who say raising “sin” taxes [...]

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Lack of Exercise Should Be a Medical Condition

What if lack of exercise was treated as a medical condition? With a sedentary lifestyle a common cause of obesity, and excessive body weight and fat considered catalysts for diabetes, high blood pressure, and joint damage, Mayo Clinic physiologist Michael Joyner, M.D., argues that it should be. Dr. Joyner says, “I would [...]

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Extraordinary Illustrations Describing The Physiological Affects Of Altitude - Mt. Everest

  These detailed illustrations are important visuals when describing the physiological affects of altitude.   They are available for download - right click on each and 'save as'.  You can follow Advancing the Science for interactive information and updates about the Mt. Everest expedition and ongoing research.                                                                Heart Failure:                        Physiology at [...]

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