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Proton Pump Inhibitors Decrease Diversity in Gut Microbiome, Increase Risk for Complications ROCHESTER, Minn. — Before reaching for that daily antacid, you might consider what it’s doing to the trillions of bugs living in your gut. A new Mayo Clinic study in the open access journal Microbiome shows that people who regularly take proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have less diversity among [...]

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Mayo Clinic Finds Steroids May Shorten Hospital Stay for Pneumonia Patients

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Patients with pneumonia may spend fewer days in the hospital if they are given steroids along with antibiotics and supportive care. That's the finding of a Mayo Clinic analysis of eight randomized-controlled clinical trials involving more than 1,100 patients. The results appear in the March issue of [...]

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Steroids Could Help Pneumonia Patients

If patients with pneumonia are given steroids along with antibiotics and supportive care, it might mean less time in the hospital. That's a Mayo Clinic finding after analysis of 8 randomized-controlled trials.                                                                                Mayo infectious disease specialist and co-author M. Rizwan Sohail, M.D., says, “Given that the average hospital stay for community-acquired pneumonia can [...]

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