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Fertility Preservation: Your Options Before Cancer Treatment

Fertility preservation: Understand your options before cancer treatment Cancer treatment can have a major impact on fertility. Get the facts about fertility preservation options for men and women. Cancer caregivers and quality of life — new study opportunity Mayo Clinic has a new study open to cancer caregivers that is [...]

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Tools to Manage Chronic Pain (pkg.)

More than one-fourth of the U.S. population suffers from some form of chronic pain. That's pain every day ... all day ... destroying quality of life and making even the simplest tasks difficult. But a program at Mayo Clinic is providing patients with the tools they need to help control their pain and regain [...]

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Friends & Positive Attitude Trump Disease Gene

Certain genes provide predictors of our health, but how well can the same genes predict our well-being? When it comes to the gene known as ApoE, researchers have long known that one of its four forms (known as ApoE4) is associated with risk for Alzheimer’s, coronary disease, stroke and diabetes. [...]

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