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Caring for Skin During and After Radiation

Cancer-related fatigue: Create a personal exercise plan Cancer fatigue can be overwhelming and intense. One of the most effective ways to address it is with exercise. How to care for skin during and after radiation Most side effects from radiation therapy are limited to the area being treated and go [...]

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Cancer Treatment for Women: Possible Sexual Side Effects

Treatment key to living with metastatic bone cancer Metastatic bone cancer usually can't be cured; instead, the goals are to provide pain relief and control further spread through treatment. Cancer treatment for women: Possible sexual side effects Cancer treatment can cause physical changes that make having sex more difficult. Find [...]

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Doing More with Less: Radiation Doses Dropping, Mayo Clinic Experts Say

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Many misconceptions exist about the risks associated with radiation doses and CT scans. Experts at Mayo Clinic want patients to have the right information about radiation dose, including when to have procedures with radiation, such as a CT scan, versus when to have magnetic resonance imaging or [...]

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Antidepressant Eases Radiation-Related Mouth Pain in Head, Neck Cancers

BOSTON — October 30, 2012.  An oral rinse of the antidepressant doxepin significantly eased pain associated with oral mucositis in patients receiving radiation therapy for cancers of the head and neck, a study led by Mayo Clinic found. The findings were presented at the American Society for Radiation Oncology annual [...]

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Mouth Sores After Radiation: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute

Mouth sores are an unfortunate, but common ailment with radiation therapy. In this Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute, Dr. Robert Miller tells us about a recent study which found a new source of relief. To listen, click the link below. Mouth Sores

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Reducing Radiation

In this Medical Edge Radio episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Ken Fetterly tells us about efforts to reduce radiation exposure for patients and health care workers. To listen, click the link below. Reducing Radiation

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Radiation and Angioplasty

In this Medical Edge episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Chet Rihal discusses a study that looked at radiation exposure during angioplasty. To listen, click the link below. Radiation and Angioplasty

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Radiation Dose with CT Scan

There have been a lot of misconceptions about the risks associated with radiation dosages and CT scans. Amy Hara, M.D., a radiologist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, provides some real answers to questions surrounding radiation dose and when to have procedures such as a CT scan vs. MRI or other non-radiation [...]

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Gamma Knife® Radiosurgery

Bruce Pollock, M.D., a Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon, describes the use of gamma knife® radiosurgery at Mayo Clinic. Stereotactic radiosurgery uses precisely focused radiation to treat tumors and other abnormal growths in the brain.

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Liver Cancer Treatment

Doctors at Mayo Clinic have a new weapon in the fight against liver cancer. It's a type of radiation that directly targets the tumor without typical side effects. Ricardo Paz-Fumagali, M.D., a Mayo Clinic radiologist, is our guest. To listen to this podcast segment, click the link below: Liver Cancer [...]

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Drug Fails to Reduce Diarrhea in Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy

Sulfasalazine, a drug commonly prescribed to reduce diarrhea in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, does not reduce diarrhea in patients receiving radiation therapy for cancers in the pelvic area. The Mayo Clinic-led study also found that the medication may be associated with a higher risk of diarrhea than a placebo when [...]

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Reducing Patient Radiation Exposure in Catheterization Labs

In the U.S., hundreds of thousands of X-rays are performed each year to detect and treat common cardiovascular conditions. But there's growing concern about the potential risks of radiation exposure from this imaging technology. Now Mayo Clinic researchers have dramatically cut the amount of radiation patients and medical personnel are exposed to during invasive cardiovascular procedures [...]

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