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Running Into Fall Marathon Season - Thursday Tip #3

You can find your perfect running shoe, but it's not all about spending big bucks. There are multiple elements that go into running efficiency, and just because a shoe fits doesn't mean it's going to enhance your running. Beau Johnson, physical therapist at Mayo Clinic Health System, debunks myths about running shoes, [...]

Created by Micah Dorfner

Running into Fall Marathon Season - Thursday Tip #2

  There are many reasons for aerobic exercise, especially the health benefits. One of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise is running, which improves cardiovascular health, mood and can help you lose weight. But how long do you need to run to start losing weight? What's the science behind running [...]

Created by Micah Dorfner

Monday's Housecall

THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES Fast food: Tips for choosing healthier options Having a fast-food craving but don't want to ruin your diet? Here are some tips on ordering healthy. Core exercises: Why you should strengthen your core muscles Core exercises strengthen your abs and other core muscles for better balance [...]

Created by Dana Sparks

Running into Fall Marathon Season - Thursday Tip #1

  Did you catch the exercise bug this summer? Have you been walking more and are you thinking of training for a 5K? Maybe you're an experienced runner who would like a few reminders about getting your best results? Mayo Clinic Health System physical therapist, Beau Johnson, offers a number of running tips. [...]

Created by Dana Sparks

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