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Healthy chocolate: Dream or reality? Insomnia: How do I stay asleep? Cholesterol-lowering supplements: Lower your numbers without prescription medication Lactose intolerance Diverticulitis diet: Should I avoid nuts and seeds?

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Anti-Aging Drug

Wouldn't it be great to take a supplement that can slow the effects of aging? There is one on the market, and you can buy it at most health food stores. It's called dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA for short. And some say it can help your body feel younger and function [...]

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Herbal Supplement Study

Herbal supplements are big business. Millions of people spend billions of dollars on herbs such as ginseng, ginkgo and St. John's wort. Many of these supplements have real health benefits. But many don't and some are downright dangerous. Dr. Aditya Bardia, M.D. led a Mayo Clinic study that shows that most people [...]

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Alternative Medicine

Herbal supplements, acupuncture, chiropractics and massage. It used to be that alternative therapies like these were ignored by many doctors. But that's changing. Thanks to public demand and an increasing amount of positive research, many doctors are embracing some alternative therapies. So how do you know if the herb you're [...]

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Monday's Housecall

THIS WEEK'S TOP STORY Supplements: Nutrition in a pill? Before taking vitamin and mineral supplements, understand what they will and won't do for you. EXPERT ANSWERS Sunburn treatment: Do I need medical attention? When might sunburn require medical attention? HEALTHY RECIPES Grilled chicken salad with buttermilk dressing Pasta with grilled [...]

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TUESDAY Q & A: Take Vitamin Supplements With Caution: Some May Actually Cause Harm

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is it true a large study found that most vitamin supplements may actually do more harm than good? What supplements should I avoid? Which are worth taking? I am 67 and in good health.   ANSWER: Advice on vitamin and mineral supplementation is constantly changing. Over the past few [...]

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Should Postmenopausal Women Take Extra Iron?

Iron is a mineral essential for good health and is especially important for premenopausal women because they can lose it through menstruation, pregnancy and an iron-poor diet. So, Mayo Clinic experts say premenopausal women who don’t get enough iron in their diets may need to take iron supplements. But what [...]

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