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Cartoon Takes Aim at Rise in Melanoma Among Young People

Many teenagers and sometimes their parents think melanoma won't happen to people under 20, so skin cancer cases in children aren't detected as early as physicians would like. To get the message out to kids of all ages about the importance of skin cancer prevention, Mayo Clinic created a cartoon-style [...]

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Spring Break Brings Reminders of Skin Care Concerns

LA CROSSE, Wis. — Spring break is just around the corner for many students, and as they prepare for the sandy beaches of popular vacation destinations, some are making trips to the tanning salon first ... but at what cost? “Tanning beds emit UVA rays which damage the cells in [...]

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Take Action Against Acne (pkg)

Remember this? You’re all excited about a high school dance and the day of the event you wake up with a giant blemish. Acne happens to everyone at some point or another, and it can be a huge source of embarrassment and stress for many teens. Doctors at Mayo [...]

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Obese Teenagers Losing Weight Could Be at Risk for Developing Eating Disorders

Obese teenagers who lose weight are at risk of developing eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. In a recent Pediatrics article, Mayo Clinic researchers imply eating disorders among these patients are also not being adequately detected because the weight loss is seen as positive by providers and [...]

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Tuesday Q & A: Sleep-friendly routines may help child fall asleep more easily

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My 12-year-old son goes to bed each night around 10 p.m. but usually cannot fall asleep until 1 or 2 in the morning. Is this normal for a “tween,” or should I talk to his doctor? What are some things that could cause insomnia in someone his age? [...]

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TUESDAY Q & A: Establishing a daily routine first step for teen with chronic pain

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: As the result of a sports injury, my 16-year-old daughter has chronic pain that has lasted for more than a year. It is really taking a toll on her. The pain makes it hard for her to go to school and to do the activities she enjoys. Medication [...]

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One Family's Journey Living with Lynch Syndrome (pkg)

A teenager never expects to hear he or she has cancer, especially if it’s a type of cancer adults usually get. However, the teen you’re about to meet has a gene that greatly increases her risk of getting colon cancer and, as a matter of fact, she's already faced that battle. Vivien Williams [...]

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