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Robert Auger, M.D. Mark Frye, M.D. Peter Jensen, M.D. Timothy Lineberry, M.D. Terry Schneekloth, M.D. Leslie Sim, Ph.D., L.P. Max Trenerry, Ph.D., L.P Chris Wall, M.D. Stephen Whiteside, Ph.D. __________________________________________________________________________ Robert Auger, M.D. –  a specialist in seasonal affective disorders, sleeping disorders. Seasonal affective disorder Sleep disorders Circadian rhythm sleep [...]

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Mayo Clinic, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Debunk Common Suicide Myths in Light of World Suicide Prevention Day

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Sept. 9, 2013 — Talking to someone about depressed will increase the chances that they will act on it — true or false? False. The truth: When someone is in crisis or depressed, asking if he or she is thinking about suicide can help. Giving a person an opportunity to [...]

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War's Impact Can Haunt Veterans Long After Combat, Mayo Clinic Expert Says

ROCHESTER, Minn. — As the nation marks Veteran's Day to honor those who have served their country, it's important to remember that many soldiers battle mental health conditions such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression long after they return from combat. In fact, in recent years the lasting effects [...]

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Mayo Clinic Suicide Prevention Expert Outlines New Steps to Tackle Military Suicide

ROCHESTER, Minn. — September 10, 2012.  The suicide rate in the U.S. Army now exceeds the rate in the general population, and psychiatric admission is now the most common reason for hospitalization in the Army. These concerning trends are described by Timothy Lineberry, M.D., a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist and suicide [...]

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Mayo Clinic Psychiatrists Present Suicide Research at American Psychiatric Association

ROCHESTER, Minn. — May 4, 2012.  A suicide study will be among the research presented by Mayo Clinic psychiatry and psychology experts at the American Psychiatric Association meeting Saturday through Wednesday at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. They also are available to offer expert comment on other research findings. [...]

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Suicide Researchers Gather to Talk Veterans, Bullying, Adolescents, Prevention

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Physicians, researchers, psychologists, social workers and educators are gathering April 18-21 at the American Association of Suicidology Conference in Baltimore to discuss and present the latest in suicide prevention and research on topics such as post-traumatic stress disorder, college and youth mental health and bullying. "This meeting [...]

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Study Finds Two Popular Television Shows Inaccurately Portray Realities of Violent Crime

Researchers at Mayo Clinic compared two popular television shows, CSI and CSI: Miami, to actual U.S. homicide data, and discovered clear differences between media portrayals of violent deaths versus actual murders. This study complements previous research regarding media influences on public health perception. Mayo Clinic researchers present their findings today [...]

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