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Tara tells StoryCorps about surviving her heart and double lung transplant

Listening to patients is what medical teams at Mayo Clinic do each day. To honor Mayo's 150th Anniversary, StoryCorps was asked to listen to and record several patient stories. Tara Klein tells StoryCorps facilitator Christina Stanton about her heart and double lung transplant at Mayo Clinic. She was diagnosed at age 17 and [...]

Created by Dana Sparks

Liver Transplants: Mayo Clinic Radio

In this Mayo Clinic Radio episode,  Julie Heimbach, M.D., and Charles Rosen, M.D., join us to talk about dramatic changes happening in the world of liver transplants. For instance, it wasn’t long ago that patients with hepatitis B, hepatitis C or a certain type of tumor would not have been eligible [...]

Created by Joel Streed

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