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Weekend Wellness: Family history of kidney stones increases risk

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My family has a history of kidney stones, and I would like to prevent them if possible. What should I do to keep from getting kidney stones? Are there foods or drinks I should avoid? ANSWER: A family history of kidney stones does increase your risk of [...]

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Weekend Wellness: Rotator cuff injury involving torn tendon may require surgery

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I have a rotator cuff tear that isn’t getting better despite physical therapy. My shoulder is painful and weak, and I have trouble raising my arm. At what point should I consider surgery? How likely is the surgery to completely relieve the pain and fix the problem? [...]

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Weekend Wellness: Treatment helpful if essential tremor affects daily activities

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My father-in-law, husband and daughter all have essential tremor. My husband has never needed treatment, since the tremor is quite mild. But my daughter was just diagnosed at 41, and her symptoms seem to really bother her. What are the treatment options for essential tremor? ANSWER: Essential [...]

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Weekend Wellness: Fatigue a common problem for those with Crohn’s disease

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease nearly a year ago. The medication I am on seems to take care of most of my symptoms. But I am often extremely tired. Is there anything that can be done to help with fatigue from Crohn’s? ANSWER: Fatigue is a [...]

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Weekend Wellness: Osteoporosis medications can have negative effect on bone healing after tooth extraction

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I need to have a tooth extracted. Because of my osteoporosis the dentist said I should go to an oral surgeon. Why is that important? How do I find out their qualifications? ANSWER: Removal of a tooth is usually a straightforward process that can be done by most [...]

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Weekend Wellness: Symptoms of sarcoidosis vary depending on organs affected

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am very healthy and active, but was recently diagnosed with sarcoidosis. My doctor said it may go away on its own, but I am worried it will worsen. How often should I see my doctor for monitoring the condition? What treatments do you recommend? ANSWER: Your doctor [...]

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Weekend Wellness: In most cases, tailbone pain goes away within a few months

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is there anything that can be done for a tailbone that is painful? My mother is 70 and won’t go to the doctor even though she is miserable. She said there is nothing they can do for her. Shouldn’t a doctor be consulted in this case? ANSWER: [...]

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Weekend Wellness: Lifestyle changes and treatment options may help with snoring

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is there anything that can be done for snoring other than using a CPAP machine? I have tried using one for the past year, and while my wife says it does prevent me from snoring, I cannot sleep comfortably with it on. ANSWER: Although they do reduce [...]

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