• By Dana Sparks

BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Nutrition for Kids

August 5, 2014

little girls drinking nutritious milk

You want your child to eat healthy foods, but do you know which nutrients are necessary and in what amounts? Here's a quick overview of nutrition for kids.

Nutrition for kids is based on the same principles as nutrition for adults. Everyone needs the same types of nutrients — such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fat. Children, however, need different amounts of specific nutrients at different ages.

So what's the best formula to fuel your child's growth and development? Read more here

Thanks for publishing this. Is there a place we could learn more details about the specific applications/proposals that received an award?


Good question. We are currently gathering additional information through project charters and team meetings. We will be having kickoff meetings in the next month or two and hope to have more information on the CFI website in the next month. http://mayoweb.mayo.edu/innovation/code.html Thanks!


Great to see a bedside nurse (and her amazing team) receive the award, otherwise this would have been a physician dominated award selection!


Emily Hacker is a RN and her credentials should be included on this the same as the MDs and PhDs are listed.

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