• By Dana Sparks

Cultural Traditions Influence Caregiving With Cancer Patients

September 26, 2014

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woman caregiver with older African-American womanCultural traditions influence caregiving with cancer patients
After a diagnosis of cancer, cultural traditions may play a key role in helping you feel cared for and loved during treatment and recovery.

Ovarian cancer
September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Find out how this cancer is treated and what you can do to cope.

Coping with chemotherapy side effects
Chemotherapy often triggers side effects. Taking steps to manage them can help you feel better and stay healthier as you go through treatment.

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What do they do with the pointsettia trees put up for Christmas?


Could you add a link to the events calendar? Also, I want to know how many people looked at their keyboard to see if it really spelled out "NEWS"? 🙂


Oh, I certainly looked at my keyboard to see if it spelled out "NEWS." I knew it didn't but I just had to look!


In my opinion, there is too much 'news' in the weekly newsletter. If one actually reads all of it (site specific) it uses up quite a bit of time (30 min per person?). Even scanning through an issue to be sure I'm not missing anything important takes a long time. May I suggest to separate out the things we need to know and put the other stories in a separate 'container' for those who have time to wander through them. Also, I've been wondering for a long time about the 'People in New Places' section. It seems like that info might be of more interest to a limited audience – like the department the person is leaving and the new department. Perhaps it should go in their internal communication tools. I'm just saying there is an awful lot of info to wade through every week.


I'm just curious where they got the Ö key.

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