• By Adam Brase

Gut Check Time!: Mayo Clinic Radio

August 10, 2013

On Saturday, August 17th, Mayo Clinic Radio will feature a compilation program from previous programs based on the abdominal cavity.  Joseph Murray, M.D., will discuss celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.  John Pemberton, M.D., talks about the colon and colonoscopy.  Laproscopic surgeon Michael Kendrick, M.D., discusses how surgery is now performed on the abdomen with only a few small incisions.  Michael Sarr, M.D., will wrap things up with a discussion on gastric bypass.  We hope you will join us.

Miss the show? Listen to the podcast: Mayo Clinic Radio FullShow 8-17-13

(Note: Listen to the program LIVE Saturdays at 9am CT on I Heart Radio via KROC AM.)