• In Case You Missed the Show: #MayoClinicRadio March 12, 2016 Podcast

Dr. Rajiv Pruthi on Mayo Clinic Radio

Listen: Mayo Clinic Radio podcast 03-12-16

On Mayo Clinic Radio, psychologist Dr. Craig Sawchuk discusses new guidelines for depression screening, including screening expectant mothers. Also on the program, hematologist Dr. Rajiv Pruthi explains common blood tests and what they can tell your doctor. And, can nonexercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) – the daily calories a person burns while doing normal, nonexercise activities – help you maintain a healthy weight? Wellness activity and assessment specialist Nolan Peterson outlines how NEAT activities, including vacuuming, climbing stairs, folding laundry, pacing, and fidgeting can help you burn calories.

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