• Mayo Clinic Co-Sponsors Landmark Summit on Sex and Gender Based Medical Education

ROCHESTER, Minn. — The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), Mayo Clinic, and the Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) have joined faculty and researchers from around the world to host the Sex and Gender Based Medical Education Summit at Mayo Clinic on October 18-19, 2015. The full program agenda can be found here: Final Summit Agenda

"As we enter the world of precision medicine, medical research about basic sex Sex and Gender Medical Education Summit Logodifferences between men and women must be incorporated into curriculum for physicians and all health care providers for it to be translated into better outcomes for patients," says Virginia Miller, Ph.D., director of Women’s Health Research Center at Mayo Clinic. 

This summit is the first of its kind, a national collaboration dedicated to engaging educational thought leaders in creating a roadmap to integrate sex- and gender-based evidence into medical and interprofessional education. The meeting will feature world-renowned experts in the field of sex- and gender-based medicine as well as curriculum leaders in academic medicine. Over 100 representatives from medical schools in the United States and Canada will be in attendance.

MEDIA CONTACT: Ethan Grove, Mayo Clinic Public Affairs, 507-284-5005, newsbureau@mayo.edu

During the summit, participants will:

  • Analyze the current climate of sex and gender education in medical schools, with a special focus on sex- and gender-based health disparities
  • Assess curricular resources that can be utilized within medical schools or as interprofessional resources
  • Identify facilitators and barriers to translating sex- and gender-difference research into evidence-based clinical practice
  • Determine how best to address present and future needs to bridge the gaps and disparities between sex and gender medical education and clinical practice

Following the summit, there will be the creation and publication of national student competencies focusing on sex- and gender-based health.  The overarching goal for the summit is the establishment or adoption of dedicated sex and gender education curricula in all medical schools within the next five years.


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