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Mayo Clinic News Network Headline 4/10/15

April 10, 2015

In today's Mayo Clinic News Network Headline with Vivien Williams:

  • A new study shows vigorous exercise may be better for people over age 45 than moderate exercise. Edward Laskowski, M.D., explains the health benefits of interval training.

Journalists: Video is available in the downloads. [TRT 1:06] Click here for the script


Return-to-work-consultant…I don't believe I've ever heard of such! I've never heard of any co-workers being offered that sort of assistance when needing to rehab/recover from illness or accident. Is this something that is available to those of us who work in the MCHS or is it just available to the Rochester campus?

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Most Return to Work help/case management should be managed through your Employee Health Dept. MCHS SWWI is Jean Thompson. They just have a different title.


Thank you for sharing your story. Thanks to Mayo Clinic colleagues for another miracle. Stay strong. Ride safe.


Sue thank you for sharing your story. We went to elementary school together and lost touch over the years. I am glad to hear you are doing so well after this accident and to hear of your positive experience here at Mayo.


Sue, You have made a tragic incident into a tremndous recovery! You have given strenth to the other women riders, (like myself!!). Keep up the positive vibes!! 🙂


A scary reality for those of us that ride our own–we are not invincible! I'm grateful you are recovering and able to get back on the bike. As a motorcycle safety instructor, I would encourage all riders to take a Motorcycle Safety Course. They will give even the most experienced riders new safety strategies and will provide you with added confidence after an accident. There are courses for new and experienced riders. Kudos for your determination, best wishes!!


Awwww….Sue, you made the news. lol I don't have much else to tell ya except I wish I had your positivity and that, in and of itself, has been powerful in your recovery. Also, thanks for wearing a helmet.


I am not sure about the Return To Work program in other MC/MCHS sites. If you called your HR dept in those sites, they may have that information for you. Or you could call the Rochester office and ask them? Yes, the bandana is from Bandana's By Michelle…she is a friend of mine also. And to Sarah Hayden….you were my Angel that day! I am so grateful that I was able to meet you in person to tell you how much you meant to me during that time.

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