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Mayo Clinic, Oxford University Clinic open preventive health care facility in London

October 1, 2019
Mayo-Oxford Clinic in London

Two of the world’s leading names in health care and medical research — academic medical center Mayo Clinic and Oxford University Clinic — have opened a preventive health care facility in London.

The private health clinic on Portland Place, W1 will provide advanced screening and diagnostics services with personalized health plans for individual and corporate clients. The  program is based on the executive health screening service that Mayo Clinic has refined over 40 years and is designed for people who want to take a  proactive approach to managing their health.

The clinic is the first manifestation of a joint venture designed to drive advances in medical research between the not-for-profit Mayo Clinic, the No. 1-rated hospital in the U.S., and Oxford University Clinic, a partnership between the University of Oxford and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The new facility is the first example of what is expected to be a long-term collaboration between the two organizations.

The facility’s core medical team, who are drawn from the U.K. and the U.S., will be salaried, meaning they are not paid on the volume of patients seen or tests performed. The physicians are experts in general and preventive medicine, executive stress and burnout, sleep medicine and travel health, and will have direct access to the expertise of thousands of physicians and scientists at Mayo Clinic and Oxford University Clinic.

Dr. Stephen Cassivi, medical director at Mayo Clinic Healthcare in partnership with Oxford University Clinic and vice chair of the Department of Surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, says:

“We are delighted to partner with Oxford University Clinic to bring this premium health care facility to London. Together, we bring a patient-centered ethos, with the patient’s needs and experience front and center of everything we do — whether that’s a warm welcome by our front of house team, to the time and care spent with our physicians. After years of hard work, we are excited to be launching this new clinic and to be welcoming our first clients through the door.

“Between Mayo Clinic and Oxford University Clinic we have over 150 years of experience in health care delivery and medical research indeed, Mayo Clinic has its roots in the U.K., with our founding father William Worrall Mayo hailing from Salford, Greater Manchester. As a not-for-profit health care organization, revenue is reinvested to further patient care, education and research. We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate and collaborate to ensure we stay at the forefront of medical treatment and care.”

Dr. Bruno Holthof, chief executive of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, adds: Mayo Clinic is widely recognized as a world leader in health care and so we are excited to be working with colleagues from Mayo through this transatlantic partnership.

“The new London clinic is the first step for the joint venture and is the key focus for all partners involved at this stage but we are looking forward to exploring other areas for possible collaboration in the future.”

The new clinic’s physicians will have ample time to dedicate to every person they see, allowing any concerns to be explored within the context of an individual’s lifestyle, career, family and genetic history. Everyone who visits the facility will be guided through a series of carefully selected assessments and checks based on their own individual circumstances and utilizing state of the art equipment and technology.     

Dexa scanner in Mayo-Oxford Clinic

Clients will also have access to a suite of high quality and well-equipped amenities, such as the on-site executive lounge and business hubs, and dedicated concierge staff will provide expert guidance on accommodation, restaurants, and the local area.

For more information about the new clinic and to book an appointment, please visit the website www.mch-ouc.co.uk.

For further information or to request an interview with a clinic spokesperson, please contact the clinic press office on: mch-ouc@grayling.com or call 020 3861 3934.

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