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Medical Experts for Media – Bioinformatics

September 7, 2010

Christopher Chute, M.D., Dr. P.H.
Jean-Pierre Kocher, Ph.D.


Christopher G. Chute, M.D., Dr. P.H.

  • Established the Division of Biomedical Informatics at Mayo Clinic and was Division Chair for 20 years, stepping down in 2008
  • Chair, ICD-11 Revision Steering Group, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, 2007-2015
  • Chair, US Delegation to ISO Informatics Technical Committee (TC215), 2007-2009
  • Chair, Biomedical Research Integrated Domain Group (BRIDG) Board, Consolidated Clinical Trails Data Model HL7/CDISC/NCI, 2006-present
  • Member, International Clinical Trials Registry Platform, Scientific Advisory Group, WHO, Geneva, 2006-2008
  • Principal Investigator, Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Project (SHARP) and Electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) grants
  • Co-principal Investigator, SE Minnesota Beacon grant
  • Member, Standards Committee, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
  • Board of Directors, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Health Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP), 2005-2007
  • Author of more than 145 scientific articles

Media Experience:

Interview experience with local broadcast and national print media, including The New York Times.

To schedule an interview, call:

Media Relations Consultant Bob Nellis (507-284-5005)


Jean-Pierre Kocher, Ph.D.

  • Chair, Division of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics (BSI), 2008-present
  • Developed and directed the activities of the newly created Bioinformatics Core, 2005
  • Speaks English and French

Media Experience:

Interview experience with national print media.

To schedule an interview, call:

Media Relations Consultant Bob Nellis (507-284-5005)


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