• By Joel Streed

Out of This World: Mayo Clinic Radio

May 27, 2014

Lift off with us when we have out of this world researchers on Mayo Clinic Radio!

Abba Zubair M.D., Ph.D., from Mayo Clinic in Florida, and Jan Stepanek, M.D., from Mayo Clinic in Arizona, will join us to discuss research happening in one of the new frontiers of medicine — SPACE! Dr. Zubair will tell us about an experiment on the International Space Station which could help patients recover from stroke, and Dr. Stepanek will share the latest science research in aerospace medicine.

Here is the podcast: Mayo Clinic Radio Full Show 5-24-14

I am very concerned about the above mentioned research regarding “multiple exposures to anesthesia at a young age are associated with higher rates of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).” My young nephew unfortunately was born with a severe birth anomaly that has required 6 surgeries in his brief 7 month life, with many more to come in the near and distant future. I would HATE to think that this child's need for surgery will also impair his brain function, in addition to what may possibly be lifelong medical challenges. Does this research also include ways to avoid this condition? I certainly pray that the researchers are trying to find ways to avoid this "complication".

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