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Press the Pause Button and Connect With Your Heart

November 27, 2014

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Press the pause button and connect with your heartturning off technolgy and television
This holiday season, make a personal connection by turning off the technology.

Chemotherapy side effects after treatment is done
Get the facts about late effects — chemotherapy side effects that last after you've finished treatment or new ones that emerge.

Risk factors for pancreatic cancer
Factors that may increase your risk of pancreatic cancer.

Will these encrypted flash drives support Linux? If not, please consider investigating options for Linux support. Several research labs use Linux almost exclusively, and more home users are doing so all the time. Some scientific computing conferences now have Linux at the podium. A fully multi-platform workflow is increasingly necessary.


Is it done for Rochester already?


Thank you for your questions. Rochester has held two take-back events to date and we will be holding more throughout 2015. No dates have been finalized at this time. We are also planning events for the MCHS sites. Rochester employees can visit the Help Desk drop-in location for exchanges between events. Unfortunately, the encrypted thumb drives we are handing out at these events do not support Linux. Your department can work with IT to purchase an encrypted thumb drive that supports systems such as Linux as they are available, but are more costly. Thank you. ~ April, Privacy Office


I wish there was a way that these could be cleaned and recycled instead of destroyed. It seems like such a waste. Wouldn't students or other people be able to use them?


Hi, Jennifer- although there are some instances where Mayo can donate devices/equipment to schools or other 501(c)(3) organizations, these thumb drives could have contained PHI/confidential information and under policy "Mayo must successfully render all PHI on the device as unrecoverable to a Department of Defense (DoD) Level One standard prior to donation, sale, or consignment. If Mayo cannot successfully render all PHI on the device unrecoverable to this standard, the Electronic Storage Media must be disposed of…" (http://mayocontent.mayo.edu/prmr/DOCMAN-0000183871). Thank you! ~ April

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