• By Dana Sparks

Running into Fall Marathon Season – Thursday Tip #1

August 7, 2014


Group picture of runners legs running in a race

Did you catch the exercise bug this summer? Have you been walking more and are you thinking of training for a 5K? Maybe you're an experienced runner who would like a few reminders about getting your best results? Mayo Clinic Health System p
hysical therapist, Beau Johnson, offers a number of running tips. First, it's important to identify your goals. (Follow new tips on Thursdays and learn more on Speaking of Health

Journalists: The sound bite with Beau Johnson is available in the downloads.

Can you show a picture of this prototype drape??


Just a thought, a wireless ultrasound probe or wireless scopes. Haven't been done but it's not impossible.


I am curious to know what technology is being underused and how this drape will differ from the current sheaths/draping that are being utilized.


We are currently in prototype development so we are unable to release any pictures at this time. There are many tethered devices such as ultrasound probes, pacemaker wands, and various probes that are under utilized that we are reluctant to bring onto the surgical field due to a potential breach of the sterile barrier. This drape will allow a safe means to get such devices into the sterile field for usage by surgical staff.

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