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Stretching for Golf: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute

August 21, 2014

In this Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute, Mayo Clinic Dr. Sanj Kakar explains how stretching can help golfers avoid injury.

To listen, click the link below.

Golf Injury Stretching

Is it required for staff giving vaccinations to ask patients for identifiers (spell first and last name, date of birth)? I had my flu shot earlier this week and the staff member there just dove right in, never even asking for my first name. I stopped her, and asked frankly if she planned to correctly identify me. She very rudely said, "If you think you need to tell me, then go for it." I was not impressed in the least. If this is a violation, who do I report it to?

I swipe at noon. I don't have time to workout on my lunch hour, change clothes, cool down, and eat; but I do have time to walk for 30 minutes on lunch, so I swipe my card.

Do we know when the Board of Governors is going to make a decision on a salary adjustment in 2013? It would be nice to know for planning purposes. Thanks

Not sure why it would matter that ppl swipe and do not use the facility anyways as there would be no wear and tear on the equipment yet the facility would be getting $$ from those not using it.

Personally I think it is GREAT that I have the option to swipe in and obtain credit for staying active. I bike over 6000 miles a year, which doesn't leave me time to work out out at the DAHLC except over the winter months. It is nice that I am still getting the lower rate for this. I can't believe someone would actually inquire or care if this is monitored.

You mean I don't have to exercise, just stroll to the door and swipe my card? Sign me up!

@Eric, people swipe as an incentive swipe, there is a reduction in the DAHLC fee based on the number of times they check into the DAHLC. Not a bad deal to be able to legitimately exercise by walking on a break, and get some credit in a reduction on the me

The way in which question #3 is phrased clearly demonstartes a lack of understanding of the corrective action process/policy at Mayo. Even if the employee works for the most absolultely unreasonable supervisor, there should never be an instance in which an employee is disciplined for an infraction of a policy that they simply are unaware of because Mayo has basically a "4-strikes and you're out" policy that includes "notification" "written warning" "final written warning" and "termination" steps that each have to result from separate infractions of the same policy and should completely prevent the situation outlined in the question. Only in cases of very serious infractions (such as HIPPA violations) is this process bypassed, and due to the mandatory training that we are all forced to endure anually, if you don't know those policies, it kind of is your own fault.

@Justin – The Corrective Action Policy states: "Supervisors may combine attendance, performance and behavioral issues when advancing through the steps of the corrective action process." So, each problem may not be treated separately as you are s

Isn't Mayo like every other company that provides the policies and expects the employees to know them? How can you say that you didn't know something was a policy? We all have access to them and I'm sure you can get a printed version somewhere if you really need it. If you break a policy, you should have to live with the consequenses. Conversely…I do feel that sometimes supervisors abuse their "power" and this is what arbritration should be used for.

Question/comment: When is something going to be done about the long lines and even longer wait times for patients picking up prescriptions at the Mayo Subway Pharmacy? I have to pick up a prescription at this pharmacy at least once a month (because it cannot be mailed out)& no matter what time I go there to get it, there's always sevral people waiting in a line that hardly moves. I just came back from there after standing in line for 10 minutes and we never once moved. I've had patients complain directly to me about this while I'm waiting because they see I'm wearing an employee badge. There are only 3 windows for pick up and many times those windows are being tied up by prescription consults with a pharmacist. Many of these patients are elderly and obviously sick and they are forced to stand in a line for several minutes–this is NOT acceptable. Please do something about this!

Honestly you're probably breaking SOME policy right now as you type this. Be it Meaningful Use, the internet use TOS; you can't know every single policy and people should not be faulted for violating a rule they legitimately were unaware of. Even police give warnings for light speeding in a zone if you legitimately are unaware of local speed laws.

New Question: As much as no one wants to think about it. Are there plans for Mayo Clinic to develop a training for workplace shooting? We have training for fire, bomb threat, tornadoes, chemical spills, & sadly…the one we are probably in most need of education, training, & advanced planning on is the event of a mass shooting. Unfortunately, this is the direction of our society & as a iconic institution who serves an enormous number of people (as well as employees a large number of people) the reality is, we need to be thinking of "what to do" in this type of event. I'd personally much rather be educated & prepared for something of this nature far more than "getting a donut from a vendor". Please seriously consider this.

Jennifer, although people should know most of the policies, there are a lot to remember. Also, if this were the case, do you know every traffic law? Probably not, and I am sure no one does, I certainly don't. My point with this is that in court if you can prove that you didn't know you were breaking a law then you didn't break the rules.

I agree with Shelby, it would be nice to see Mayo with some additional training and educational resources in light of the most recent tragedy and a string of shootings in nation. I will be honest it was disappointing not to see any type of response or reaction from Mayo on this horrible event.

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