• By Jennifer O'Hara


June 4, 2015

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Great story, thank you.


What an amazing story and one of hope. My family member died of pancreatic cancer. I so wish he would have had this type of treatment as an option. Thanks to these providers that are looking at ways to treat this deadly disease.


"I used to give up…Somehow, I came out of all of that." I love this.


I am always amazed at the advances in medicine. It's so heartwarming to hear of such a successful outcome for pancreatic cancer that usually does not have such success. I hope and pray Radhika continues to have good health for a long, long time.


I lost my family member to pancreatic cancer. She had a major surgery that went on for 6 hours in Mpls. She lived and was able to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. If only she had known about Mayo-maybe I would still have her. Thank you Mayo Drs for giving hope, that if I ever get it, I may have better results then my family member did. Valorie


Anything that can be done to fight cancer I am truely greatful….too many good people have suffered and lost this battle. So great to hear a positive outcome here!


I lost one of my family members to pancreatic cancer. It spread to fast for doctors to do anything besides cut out affected organs. I don't wish that on my worst enemy it was horrible seeing such a strong person in pain by this horrible cancer.

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