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Women’s Wellness: Body Image and the Airbrush

February 18, 2015

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An unretouched photograph of model, Cindy Crawford, is stirring a viral discussion about healthy body image.

Mayo Clinic clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist, Jordan Rullo, Ph.D., says, it's opening important conversations about women's "thin ideal."  Dr. Rullo adds this issue is more complicated than being labeled an eating disorder. It also involves mental and physical health. She says women should, "look at their body less as parts and more as a whole body." Watch her interview below.

Media: To interview Dr. Rullo contact Ginger Plumbo
Mayo Clinic Public Affairs,
Email: 507-284-5005 Email: newsbureau@mayo.edu

Journalists: Sound bites with Dr. Rullo are available in the downloads.



How nice for those two guys to dress up like that! And what a special reward for the patients in the hospital to be able to have them visit. Thank you superheroes!


Good reminder that some superheroes don't wear capes.


Gotta give them super hero's a huge pat on the back for all that they do no matter what type of weather, they are outside cleaning them windows! Plus not afraid of heights 🙂 Thank you Super Hero's!!!!


Now there's a photo of the week! (Or a poster for PR?) Thank you Superheroes!


Strong work Chad

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