Affiliates, we will be ceasing production and distribution of Mayo Clinic Radio at the end of 2020.  Thank you.

With thousands of experts from Mayo Clinic campuses in Minnesota, Florida, Arizona and the Mayo Clinic Health System, “Mayo Clinic Radio” reaches listeners with an easy-to-understand, friendly approach. High interest topics include the latest news as well as information about exercise, nutrition, prevention and heart health. Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeon Tom Shives, M.D. has hosted the hour-long program for more than 25 years.

He and co-host Tracy McCray, a 26-year radio veteran, educate and enlighten audiences every week. The Mayo Clinic News Network broadens the radio conversation, and millions are reached on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #MayoClinicRadio.

In addition to the hour-long “Mayo Clinic Radio” program, Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minutes, which include health, science and wellness information, are delivered five days a week. The hour-long programming and one minute health segments are also available by podcast shortly after broadcast.

The Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute and “Mayo Clinic Radio” program are available for download to radio stations and media outlets. To receive the hour-long program and/or the 60-second segments, please contact Larry Grossman, Mayo Clinic Public Affairs: Grossman.Larry@mayo.edu.

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Tom Shives, M.D.

A Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Shives is the host of Mayo Clinic Radio. Starting in 1991, Dr. Shives hosted a weekly radio call-in program known as “Healthline on KROC-AM in Rochester, Minn. The format was simple — interview a Mayo Clinic specialist on an interesting topic, and provide listeners with in-depth information from someone with particular expertise in the subject. Out of “Healthline” grew “Medical Edge Weekend”, and now, “Mayo Clinic Radio”, bringing those same valuable insights to a potentially global audience.

Tracy McCray

A long-time radio talk show host in Rochester MN, McCray is the co-host of “Mayo Clinic Radio”.  For more than 26 years, through both radio and print, she has been a fixture in the Rochester, Minn. media scene. Tracy displays a knack for moderating interesting conversations and capturing her unique take on life as a Midwestern woman.  As a 29-year cancer survivor, she has always held an intense curiosity about medicine and how patients can be their own best advocate when it comes to their health.

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