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How age-related macular degeneration blurs vision

How age-related macular degeneration blurs vision ... Age-related macular degeneration ... degeneration is a common cause of age-related vision loss. It's the No. 1 cause of ... of vision loss for adults over age 50. It affects the retina, particularly the ... a deterioration of vision. Exudative age-related macular degeneration, also called

Men’s Wellness: Being proactive, annual care key to maintaining health

ailments that that affect men as they age, such as an enlarged prostate or prostate ... suffer from various health issues at any age. June is Men's Health Month and the ... the future. But, really, starting at age 40, men should have an annual physical ... and blood sugar checked." Based on age, family history and any symptoms, additional ... colorectal cancer screening beginning at age 45 for both men and women. Dr. Thiel

Soggy sheets, embarrassed kids: Tips for overcoming bed-wetting

urine while asleep. It happens after the age at which staying dry at night is reasonably ... reasonably expected. Bed-wetting up to age 7 is common and not a concern. Most ... older age. For example, a child that has been dry at night since age 4, but ... then starts wetting the bed again at age 6. Causes of bed-wetting When ... Withhold liquids all day.Depending on age, children need between 4 and 8 cups

4 ways to reduce risks of cervical cancer

routine vaccination at age 11 or 12 and everyone through age 26 who was not previously ... can now be given to all adults up to age 45," says Dr. Butler. "After cervical ... generally recommend beginning Pap tests at age 21 and repeating them every three to ... Dr. Butler. Having sex at an early age increases your risk of HPV, and the

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Correcting hearing loss can help keep older adults engaged in life

Although hearing loss is common as people age, it’s important to confirm the underlying ... improve hearing, no matter a person’s age. Correcting hearing loss can help keep ... the reason for hearing loss. Although age-related loss is common, other factors ... Articles Mayo Clinic Minute: Can you slow down age-related hearing loss? published 3/1/19 Mayo ... 12/25/18 Mayo Clinic Radio: Tinnitus and age-related hearing loss published

Mayo Clinic Minute: Family risk of Alzheimer’s disease

getting the disease, often at an early age, say, in their 40s or 50s. “The vast ... Sporadic cases tend to happen after age 65. So even if you don’t have a known

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Family health history information

cousin also had breast cancer a few years ago. A friend suggested that I undergo genetic ... if people are diagnosed at younger ages, have a personal history of more than ... medical conditions and the age they started. Cause and age of death. Birth defects

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Tanning beds raise risk for skin cancer

to UVA prematurely ages your skin, causing wrinkling and age spots. It also raises ... age spots