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Mayo Clinic Q and A: Healthy sleep habits for children

son is feeling anxious about COVID-19 and worried about getting sick. Redirecting ... Redirecting evening TV watching to something family-friendly, like spending time doing ... sitting up position; and do boring things, such as listening to light music or ... your son about whether he is worried about the virus or if something else is ... at night. If he is fearful, talking about his concerns may help him recognize

Headed for the OR? Five Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before the Operation

and a lot of anxiety. Beyond details about your medical condition and treatment ... comfortable with the decisions you make about your care, says Robert Cima, M.D., ... those questions before you enter into something as major as surgery.” Dr. Cima ... at high risk of sleep apnea or worry about it, ask to be tested for sleep apnea ... including Mayo Clinic, are so concerned about sleep apnea that we actually screen

Women’s Wellness: Blood pressure, estrogen and menopause

Michael Joyner says, "One of the things that happens when you look at blood ... Watch: Dr. Joyner discusses research about blood pressure and menopause. https://youtu ... make any hard and fast recommendations about gender-specific effects of different ... pressure-lowering medications, it is certainly something that needs to be studied. Our

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Genetic abnormalities and cancer risk

become confusing when you start to hear about genetic mutations. The good news is ... genetic testing and whether this is something you want to do. Typically, genetic ... recommend next steps to learn more about personalized screening and specific ... Understandably, you may be nervous about your risk for cancer, given your mother's ... you need so that you can begin to think about what makes sense for your life and

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Lifestyle changes may ease laryngopharyngeal reflux

laryngopharyngeal reflux may feel as if they have something stuck in their throat. Laryngopharyngeal ... therapy that involves inserting extremely thin needles through the skin at strategic ... should ask his health care provider about the kind and amount that’s right for ... to talk to his health care provider about his persistent laryngopharyngeal reflux

One-of-a-Kind Compact 3T MRI Scanner Installed for Research

Proton Beam, so we’re very excited about that,” Dr. Bernstein says. The opportunities ... likelihood that we will be seeing things that can help individual patients. ... surrounding brain or not, and that’s something that’s never been able to be done

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Top tips for reducing heart attack and stroke risk

issue, but I'm wondering if there are things I should be doing now to stay more ... health care provider and share an update about your mom and sister. Your health care ... Talk with your health care provider about also getting a baseline cholesterol ... week, but it's important to find something — anything — you love to do that ... benefit. Although you may be concerned about your heart health, realize that making

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Evaluating and treating leg numbness and cramping

could be related to something else. Tell your doctor about your symptoms, and ... smoke, quitting is the most important thing you can do to reduce your risk of peripheral ... appointment to talk with your doctor about your symptoms, and have them evaluated