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Minnesota Partnership awards five new research grants for collaborative projects

Projects must be truly collaborative ─ something that could not be pursued by either ... genetically bred mice have strong, thick bones. If they can determine the cause ... the state of Minnesota. To learn more about the partnership, visit the Minnesota ... Medical Genomics website. ### About Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit ... everyone who needs healing. Learn more about Mayo Clinic. Visit the Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Evaluating and treating leg numbness and cramping

could be related to something else. Tell your doctor about your symptoms, and ... smoke, quitting is the most important thing you can do to reduce your risk of peripheral ... appointment to talk with your doctor about your symptoms, and have them evaluated

Doing More with Less: Radiation Doses Dropping, Mayo Clinic Experts Say

Ariz. — Many misconceptions exist about the risks associated with radiation ... patients to have the right information about radiation dose, including when to have ... See a video of Dr. Hara talking about low dose radiation. In the following ... and McCollough provide some insight about the radiation dose from CT imaging ... multiple CT scans. Normally, people get about 3 millisieverts of radiation each year

Sharing Mayo Clinic: Celebrating 5 years cancer-free after colon cancer

me I was inoperable." Amy wasn't about to give up, so she began a biweekly ... common in the United States, affecting about 140,000 people annually," Dr. Merchea ... colonoscopy and speak up if they think something isn't right. "I want others ... restrictions ease. "It's not always about the big milestones," Amy says. "Part

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Understanding central sleep apnea

but it’s not helping much. Is there something else I can try? ANSWER: There ... repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. About 85% of people with this disorder have ... during sleep is influenced by many things, including the skeletal configuration ... Talk with your health care provider about undergoing a sleep study to definitively

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Is it heartburn or a heart attack?

determine if it’s something more serious? Are there things he can do to avoid ... stools, unexplained weight loss or bouts of heartburn that happen more than

Mayo Clinic Researchers Discover New Form of Cancer

Lewis, M.D., first noticed something unusual about a tumor sample they were analyzing ... genetics of sarcomas. “Usually these things happen over a longer period of time ... Discovery Other than the increased knowledge about this rare cancer, its mechanisms and ... Hospital of Philadelphia. ### About Mayo Clinic Recognizing 150 years ... and newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org. About Mayo Clinic Cancer Center As a leading

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Ovarian cancer symptoms and treatment options

polycystic ovary disease and obesity. About 10% to 15% of all ovarian cancers are ... the disease has been common. Now, thanks to advances in research, individualized ... women also may be candidates for something known as hyperthermic intraperitoneal ... 1/11/19Women’s Wellness: Some answers about ovarian cancer published 1/3/19