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Hidden gem celebrates 50 years of making a difference in population health

the depth and breadth of information about a single population,” says current ... what we do today – or to discover something new tomorrow.” Well over 95 percent ... celebrate 50 years of research, and thank the community for continued participation ... upcoming opportunities to learn more about the REP include: Presentation ... of Health Care Delivery. ### About Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit

Numerous Treatment Options for Hyperthyroidism

to toxic thyroid nodules. He is very thin and has a high resting heart rate. He ... a thyroidectomy but he is concerned about side effects. Is it safe? Are there ... liver damage and other side effects, something that needs careful monitoring during

Science Saturday: Following up on senescent cells and aging

had to take care of my dad and do things that most kids of that age didn’t do ... I’d always been a good student until things became difficult at home. Then I had ... to do — pursue biology — but other things were going on in my life that occupied ... doing well. I was hooked on learning about all aspects of cells, organisms and ... collegial. Physicians at Mayo know a lot about physiology and diseases, are open to

Blast off: Stem cells from Mayo Clinic physician’s lab launch into space

There, he says he came across a book about the first moon launch and became instantly ... into space, so I should consider something more practical,” Dr. Zubair recalls ... stroke in 1997, and he had been thinking about stem cells as a treatment for stroke-related ... He’ll gather real-time information about the cells as astronauts conduct experiments ... he says he’s been tickled to learn about the challenges of space-based research

Women’s Wellness: Female athletes and their periods

an athlete? It's not always talked about publicly, but it's certainly discussed ... interesting. It's almost like an evolutionary thing. Your body is protecting itself because ... WILLIAMS:  Is there anything dangerous about it at all? DR. PETRA CASEY: Well ... athlete to lose her period? Is it something that happens to everyone when they ... that’s kind of a good segue talking about the period and athletes. If you have

Whole-person care at Integrative Medicine and Health practice

Institutes of Health, Americans spend about $30.2 billion yearly out of pocket ... New Year's Day 2017, Jennifer felt something on her right breast. She and her ... natural healing to my care. I was so thankful to learn Mayo Clinic had a new integrative

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Why you need to evaluate hoarseness that doesn’t go away

have a cold. Is this something I should be concerned about? ANSWER: It’s not ... using a small camera attached to a thin, flexible tube. The quality of your

Innovative transplants offer hope for patients with rare autoimmune disorder

preparing for a fitness test. He knew something was amiss. "My feet would be killing ... point where I was unable to reach for things in the cabinet or reach up to adjust ... family members – who "always praised about the service and quality of Mayo Clinic ... Ayala was just as excited as Chris about the prospect of a stem cell transplant ... Clinic provides. "I’m really excited about the development of our bio manufacturing