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Living With Cancer: Recognizing lung cancer

External beam radiation for prostate cancer External beam radiation for ... cancer uses high-energy beams, such as X-rays or protons, to kill cancer cells ... in the beam's path also are affected by external beam radiation therapy, resulting ... external beam radiation

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Treating prostate cancer that spreads

treatment often includes hormone therapy. Radiation therapy or surgery may be necessary ... individual’s circumstances. Hormone therapy stops your body from making the male ... help to slow its growth. Hormone therapy for prostate cancer often includes ... flutamide and nilutamide. Hormone therapy usually is continued for as long as ... prostate cancer may adapt to hormone therapy and begin growing despite treatment

Mayo Clinic, Hitachi to build first, next generation, carbon ion therapy treatment facility in North America

first, next generation, carbon ion therapy treatment facility in North America ... Jacksonville, Florida. While carbon ion therapy was discovered in the United States ... there currently are no carbon ion therapy treatment centers in North America ... uniquely qualified to bring carbon ion therapy to the United States," says Gianrico Farrugia ... and CEO of Mayo Clinic. "Carbon ion therapy has tremendous potential as a tool

Mayo Clinic’s patient-centered values and culture drive its 2030 strategy to cure, connect and transform health care

insights from data and develop new therapies, solve complex medical problems and ... Clinic's mission," says Farrugia, who became president and CEO in January 2019 and ... will shape the future. Our exceptional team members will continue to distinguish ... long been known for our collaborative, team-oriented approach to health care, and it's ... Engagement. "This is why Mayo Clinic became a key partner in establishing the Coalition