About the Mayo Clinic News Network


The Mayo Clinic News Network is an external, public facing news site that offers a wide variety of consumer news, health tips, science research and patient stories. All content is offered to inform and educate the public.

Media Members

The Media Pass registration for the News Network is for reporters, producers, writers, editors and multi-media organizations only. There is no cost to join as a media member. You have access to embargoed news releases, broadcast-quality video in the downloads and the content can complement your reporting on any digital platform.

  • MOV, MP4 video and MP3 audio
  • Medical Illustrations, animations and infographics
  • VideoLink Studio available for expert interviews

*For all videos and visual graphics please include:
"Courtesy: Mayo Clinic News Network."

For questions please contact Sparks.Dana@mayo.edu.
For expert interviews contact Media Relations Newsroom.

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