• By Dennis Douda

100th Anniversary of the ECG at Mayo Clinic

December 10, 2014

'Mayo 150 years serving humanity' 150th Sesquicentennial Logo

It’s a classic image for heart health, the zigzag lines of an ECG, or electrocardiogram. Even though Mayo Clinic conducts hundreds of thousands of ECGs each year, it is a test that’s never taken for granted. And, would you believe, the ECG is celebrating its 100th birthday at Mayo Clinic this year? [TRT 4:25]

Journalists: A broadcast quality video package is available in the downloads. To read the full script click here

This is a special report produced for the Mayo Clinic 150th Anniversary Collection of Stories. To view other stories and learn about Mayo Clinic's sesquicentennial, please click here.

Any chance this change will include updating listings to accurate information? i.e. Work Area for Nursing and Patient Education is listed as St. Francis Building 1 under my name when it is actually Professional Arts Building 3. And it would be nice to have a person’s actual credentials listed. i.e. La Crosse Nursing Education Specialist has credentials of MSN, RN and it does not show in the directory.

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