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    Morgan Tyner: Overcoming Brain Cancer

In the fall of 1990, Morgan Tyner experienced a moment that would change his life forever. While at work, Morgan, a newly practicing dentist, suffered a seizure. After undergoing many tests over the course of several days, he received a very serious and life threatening diagnosis – anaplastic astrocytoma – an aggressive and fast growing brain tumor.

A grim prognosis added to Morgan’s bewildered and devastated outlook. Prior to his diagnosis, Morgan had been an active, young man participating in triathlons, running, playing tennis and pursuing a career as a dentist. After receiving his diagnosis, Morgan launched into perhaps his most challenging endeavor - fighting and eventually beating brain cancer.

After undergoing many surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatment over the last twenty-one years, Morgan shares his experience battling his brain tumor. He aptly explains how, “bad things do happen to people."

Today, Morgan has embarked on a new career as the owner of a video production company in Scottsdale, AZ. Morgan’s inspiring outlook includes his belief that the mind is very strong at healing. He continues to pursue his follow up care with Dr. Alyx Porter, a neuro-oncologist, at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

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