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Sharing Mayo Clinic patient Molly Hanson

These days, Molly Hanson feels awesome. Free from pain, she's now eager to get back into her life. Molly's energy today stands in stark contrast to how she felt a year ago — before she visited Mayo Clinic and learned an undiagnosed medical condition was to blame for many of her debilitating symptoms.

Molly Hanson's life was spinning out of control. In near-constant pelvic and abdominal pain, she was chronically constipated, got lightheaded all the time, had irregular heartbeats and kept breaking out in a rash. For close to a decade, Molly ping-ponged between health care providers, searching for answers to her persistent medical issues. Despite many diagnoses — including slow bowel transit and postural tachycardia syndrome — and a multitude of treatments, nothing provided lasting relief.

"It's almost like I kept being dismissed, like what I had going on wasn't an issue," says Molly, who lives with her husband in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. "Deep down, I thought I was losing my mind."

Although Molly lost faith that she'd ever feel well, she continued searching for a path to improved health. One of those paths led her to a conversation with a co-worker, who asked Molly if she'd considered seeking care at Mayo Clinic.

"I never thought that going to Mayo Clinic they would find anything wrong because I was used to never getting answers, but I was so hopeful," Molly says.

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This article originally appeared on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.

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