• COVID-19

    A show of lights in support for those on the front lines of COVID-19

At a time when we’re all being asked to put some distance between ourselves, Mayo Clinic’s ambulance service and its public safety colleagues from Rochester’s fire, police and area first responders found a way to bring people together at least in a visual sense.

Mayo Clinic Ambulance led a parade of lights, emergency lights that is, past Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester, Saint Marys Campus and through downtown Rochester, and past Olmsted Medical Center.

Ambulances, fire trucks, law enforcement vehicles and emergency SUVs illuminated the evening sky on Tuesday, as a salute to their hospital worker colleagues and patients by parading past hospitals in Rochester with their emergency beacons flashing.

The tribute was a visual symbol that regardless of one’s role in serving patients and the public, they are all united in their efforts to get the community through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayo Clinic Ambulance operations assistant supervisor, Kate Arms said, “This is a good reminder for us all on how we work together, regardless of uniform or badge, in the community. It was a nice opportunity to show camaraderie and unity at a time when we are all working toward hope, healing and a return to normalcy.”

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