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    Andre Terzic Honored for Scientific Achievements

Dr.-TerzicAuthor of more than 450 publications. Professor of medicine and pharmacology. Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine. Pioneer in guiding stem cell research from fortuitous discovery to effective treatment for unmet patient needs. These are just a few of the accomplishments achieved by Andre Terzic, M.D., Ph.D., to date.

Honoring Leadership in Regenerative Medicine

In May of this year Dr.Terzic received the 2016 Madrid Award for Excellence in Cardiovascular Regenerative Research for basic science. Awarded by the International Symposium on Stem Cell Therapy and Cardiovascular Innovations in Madrid, Spain, the honor was in recognition of Dr. Terzic’s leadership and success in translating stem cell theory into practice.

Healing from Within

Worldwide efforts focusing on using a patient’s own cells to cure lifelong conditions, are accelerating due to partnerships and collaborations fostered by conferences like the International Symposium. But political, economic, medical, and scientific barriers still must be overcome before regenerative medicine provides curative treatment. To this end, Dr. Terzic and his Mayo Clinic colleagues participate in stem cell education and pursue clinical advancement across scientific and medical specialties, while simultaneously developing the infrastructure that allows patients to access these advances

Translating Discovery into Practice

Addressing both the scientific and clinical challenges concurrently allowed Dr. Terzic and his team to define and refine cardio-protective and cardio-regenerative principles and practices leading to a stem cell-based technique for heart repair. Dr. Terzic was also part of a team that advanced treatment for mitochondrial disease through the use of stem cell techniques.

About Dr. Terzic

Dr. Terzic is the Michael S. and Mary Sue Shannon Family Director, Center for Regenerative Medicine, and Marriott Family Professor of Cardiovascular Diseases Research at Mayo Clinic. He received medical and scientific education at the University of Paris, University of Belgrade and University of Illinois, followed by fellowship training at the French National Institutes of Health, Thomas Jefferson University and Mayo Clinic. Dr. Terzic is recognized nationally and internationally for his contributions to cardiovascular science and medicine.

June 6, 2016