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    Apple Highlights New Mayo Clinic App During Worldwide Developers Keynote

Screenshots illustrating the flagged value — in this case, high blood pressure — and action items:HealthKit App Screenchot Examples

During the keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2014, Apple, Inc., unveiled HealthKit, a digital repository for various types of health-fitness related data. Apple highlighted HealthKit through a new Mayo Clinic app under development that would offer users a more personalized experience and make their health data more actionable in supporting healthier lifestyles.

Integrating with Apple’s new HealthKit, Mayo Clinic patients and consumers will be able to more easily access personalized health information, guidance and care when they need it. Mayo Clinic patients will continue to securely access their patient information and services, but in the future, they will increasingly be able to organize and act on their health and wellness data in a more seamless manner. Users will be able to monitor various HealthKit parameters through an easy-to-interpret dashboard, which highlights trends and flags values that may need attention.

Developments about the free HealthKit app will be announced as they become available.

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