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    Ask the Mayo Mom: The eyes of a child

The retina is a thin layer of tissues, cells, and nerves that line the back wall inside the eye.  This layer has millions of light sensing cells that receive and organize visual information according to the Mayo Clinic.

On this Ask the Mayo Mom edition of the Q&A podcast, host Dr. Angela Mattke is joined by Dr. Brittni Scruggs, an ophthalmologist at Mayo Clinic Children’s Center. Dr. Scruggs is a physician, surgeon, and scientist with a research laboratory at Mayo Clinic studying gene therapy and stem cell therapy for retinal degenerations, including for children.

She treats all ages, ranging from newborns to adults. Dr. Scruggs is a member of the national workgroup developing ACMG evidence-based guidelines for diagnosis and clinical management of inherited retinal diseases.

Dr. Mattke and Dr. Scruggs explore retinal issues in children and discuss eye safety and health.