• AskMayoExpert’s COVID-19 information made available to public

Mayo Clinic is making parts of its AskMayoExpert clinical knowledge resource for providers available to the public to make trusted knowledge on COVID-19 easily available to other health systems and providers.

AskMayoExpert, Mayo Clinic’s primary clinical knowledge resource for providers at the point of care, is sharing its COVID-19 content with the public.

"Mayo leadership has requested that we make all COVID-19 information available to the public," says Dr. Scott Eggers, medical editor of AskMayoExpert. "There’s a great desire and need right now by other hospital systems and providers for trusted clinical guidance on COVID-19 management. By making this content available publicly, Mayo is not claiming expertise on treating COVID-19 but is instead sharing the knowledge we are using to guide our practice."

Anyone outside of Mayo Clinic can now access AskMayoExpert’s COVID-19 information by typing "askmayoexpert.mayoclinic.org" into a web browser address bar or into a search field. External searchers will land on AskMayoExpert’s intuitively designed navigator page with Outpatient, Inpatient and Emergency Department headings.

The Outpatient information offers guidance on screening, transmission, symptoms, clinical monitoring, treatment options and management of multiple conditions. The Inpatient information provides recommendations on screening, evaluation, isolation, personal protective equipment for procedures, drug treatments, respiratory management, resuscitation and dismissal planning. And the Emergency Department information offers guidance on screening, evaluation, isolation, personal protective equipment, resuscitation, respiratory management and disposition to a given disease.

Established in 2009, AskMayoExpert represents 56 areas of Mayo’s specialty practice. Each area has a corresponding provider group, known as a knowledge content board, which meets on a regular basis to create, update and review its clinical content.

AskMayoExpert has about 1,400 topics and 270 clinical algorithms, known as care process models. The public will have access only to COVID-19 information.

Dr. Eggers and Michelle Felten, AskMayoExpert’s editorial director, have a dual approach as they work across the practice to bring provider-facing COVID-19 recommendations into AskMayoExpert. They would like AskMayoExpert to serve as a hub for this knowledge, and they are hoping to ease clinical burden by having the team of writers, editors, user-experience designers and technical staff take responsibility for content curation and updates.

"By having different areas of practice publish their provider-facing COVID-19 recommendations in AskMayoExpert, we can more efficiently help them make updates to this quickly changing information versus trying to keep recommendations in sync on multiple web sites, SharePoint sites, individual drives and department pages,” Felten says. She notes that AskMayoExpert is collaborating with Infection Prevention and Control and the COVID-19 Information Center on creation of COVID-19 information for internal and external audiences.


Check the CDC website for more information on caring for someone with COVID-19 and for the latest updates on the pandemic. For more information and COVID-19 coverage, go to the Mayo Clinic News Network and mayoclinic.org.

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