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    Avoid Holiday Travel Concerns Like Sleepiness and Stiffness

Closeup through airport terminal window of white airplane nose and empty passenger seats

Traveling long distances during the holidays — whether by car, plane or train — is a common custom for many Americans, but taking health precautions for the journey isn’t often at the top of to-do lists. However, there are some simple steps you can take to stay healthy while traveling. Clayton Cowl, M.D., an expert in transportation medicine at Mayo Clinicsays, “One health risk to consider when traveling is simply sitting for too long. Concerns like blood clots in the legs from sitting too long, becoming dehydrated from lack of fluid intake or drinking too much alcohol, and not walking much when delayed in an airport or train station can be serious. Driving for hours to reach a destination after a long day at work can be as equally worrisome due to fatigue and eyestrain.”

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