• By Vivien Williams

Baby Season: Fruits of Labor

September 4, 2015

pregnant couple smiling and happy

Labor Day honors our nation's workers, and who works harder than a mom in labor? A Harvard study reports that September is one of the busiest months of the year for baby births, which means many soon-to-be moms are busy preparing for the big day. Contractions and your water breaking are the classic signs that your baby is ready to enter the world, but other indications are less obvious. Mayo Clinic certified nurse midwife Julie Lamppa says the symptoms of labor differ for everybody. "Often women hear that they should go to the hospital or wherever they've chosen to give birth when contractions are every two to three minutes apart. But because labor can be so individual, I suggest women pay attention to contractions that are simply getting consistently stronger and closer together. Women may also have back labor or occasionally GI symptoms, but GI symptoms are less common." She says women in labor should go the hospital any time they feel they are ready, regardless of symptoms, especially if bleeding or decrease in fetal movement occurs.

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