• Back Home and Relishing ‘All the Things You Take for Granted’

Aria and her brothers

This article appeared January 7, 2016 In the Loop.

We at In the Loop are particularly fond of stories about our patients and the care they receive at Mayo Clinic. We often wonder, though, as you may, what happens after these folks leave the hospital. So we were excited to catch up with one patient who captured our hearts to learn more about what life has been like for her and her family since they returned home.

We introduced you to young Aria Grams in August, when she was waiting for a heart transplant. She received that gift of life in September, and another gift, just days before Christmas: She was finally able to go home, after seven months in the hospital. "It is amazing to be back," says Aria's mom, Tara, who stayed by her daughter's side throughout her hospitalization. The best part? "Just doing the dishes, feeding the kids, eating dinner together — all the things you take for granted,"  Read the rest of Aria's story.

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