• Back to School: A Good Night’s Sleep

a little boy sleeping in his bed at night

Children must get plenty of sleep to perform well in school. After a summer of staying up late and then sleeping in, many kids are out of their school year bedtime routines.  Mayo Clinic Children's Center pediatric neurologist and sleep specialist Dr. Suresh Kotagal says that most school-age children must sleep from 8 to nine hours every night to be at their best. He  says, "Children should work back into a school year sleep schedule gradually, starting a week or two before the first bell rings."

Dr. Kotagal offers these tips to help children get the sleep they need for a productive school year.

  • Wake up children 30 minutes earlier every few days as school approaches.
  • Turn off electronics 30 minutes to an hour before bed.
  • Temporarily avoid or shorten naps to help children be sleepy at night.
  • Make sure the bed is used for sleep only.

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