• Better Sleep: Mayo Clinic Radio

The reasons why some people don't get a good nights sleep are as varied as the number of sheep they count trying to fall asleep.  On the next Mayo Clinic Radio (Sept. 21) Eric Olson, M.D., will join us to discuss solutions toward finding a better nights sleep.  We will also hear from Joseph Kaplan, M.D., on how shift work can cause its own set of problems when it comes to getting some shuteye.

Miss the show? Listen to the podcast here: Mayo Clinic Radio Full Show 9-21-13

Myth or Matter of Fact: You can make up for lost sleep on the weekends.

Note: You can listen to the program Saturdays at 9am CT on I Heart Radio via KROC AM. The show is taped for rebroadcast by some affiliates. On Twitter follow #mayoclinicradio

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