• By Deborah Balzer

Bionic Eye Implant Update

March 26, 2015

patient with 'bionic second sight' eye glasses, with Dr. iezzi

It’s a video that's been seen around the world – the first time Allen Zderad sees his wife in more than a decade with the assist of a retinal prosthesis, or “bionic eye implant.” Mayo Clinic ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Raymond Iezzi, Jr.,M.D., talks about what the success of his patient's eye implant means to him as a physician, why this story resonates with people and how this technology is affecting Allen’s life. Dr. Iezzi says Allen is "like a kid in a candy store, experiencing his environment in ways he never has before."

Click here to find original video and background on this story. Stay tuned to the Mayo Clinic News Network for an update when reporter Dennis Douda and photographer Andy Shilts visit Allen at home to see how he's navigating life with his new eye.

Pronunciation key:
Dr. Iezzi:  eye-Eh’-zee
Allen Zderad:  zur-Ad’

Journalists: Soundbites with Dr. Iezzi are available in the downloads.

I applaud and support Project SEARCH and it's efforts to provide employment-related instruction to those with special needs. I also appreciate Gov. Walker's support and encouraging words to the group. Last, but not least, thanks to MCHS for taking a lead role in offering this program.


Thank you Mayo for teaming up with Project Search. What a wonderful program. I have met many of the students, they have a drive to succeed, willingness to work in many areas and are a great addition to Mayo. It is great to see their smiling faces everywhere you go.

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