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    Bionic Eye Patient “Thrilled” to Reconnect with Visual World

Allen Zderad thought darkness had invaded his world to stay. He’s among the 1-in-4,000 people who are born with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition. There is no effective treatment or cure. While not all patients will lose their sight entirely, Mayo Clinic researcher and ophthalmologist Raymond Iezzi Jr., M.D. says, a “bionic eye” may help some of those who do. For the Mayo Clinic News Network, here’s Dennis Douda with Allen’s story. [TRT 6:35]

Journalists: Broadcast quality video and additional b-roll are available in the downloads. Click here to read the script. Pronunciation key - Dr. Iezzi:  eye-Eh’-zee, Allen Zderad:  Zar'-ad 

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