• By Jennifer O'Hara

Caring Canines: Receive Support from a Four-legged Friend

April 3, 2015

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Caring Canines Wheaten Terrier with owner at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Hanna, a Wheaten terrier, visits the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center with her owner, Evelyn McAdams, as part of the Caring Canines therapy dog program.


Caring canines: Receive support from a four-legged friend
With pet-assisted therapy, a furry friend can provide you with love and help ease loneliness and anxiety.

Mouth sores caused by cancer treatment: How to cope
Some cancer treatments may lead to mouth sores, which can be painful and distressing. Discover why they happen, how to prevent them and which treatments help.

Slide show: Melanoma
Melanoma — a serious form of skin cancer — is often curable if you find it early. These melanoma pictures can help you determine what to look for.

This is going to very beautiful for patients visitors and employees to enjoy. It will definitely look a lot better than the prairie grass look they had. That just made the area look really unkept and uncared for. I also really like the idea of the vegetable garden for the children to learn from as well.


Please consider clear and frequent signage reminding visitors of our smoke-free campus, so that all may enjoy (and employees can come/go from work) without risking their health. Often people think that as long as they are outside, they are free to light-up. I find that because this space is so enclosed by buildings, the air exchange is not very fast when the wind is calm. Just proactive thoughts. Thanks.

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