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    Celebrate Mom the Right Way: Keep Her Healthy

an African American mother and daughter sitting on bicycle against blue sky and smiling
Although mothers should be celebrated every day, it’s nice to have a special day on the calendar completely devoted to showering them with gifts, hugs and cards signed with, “I love you.” This year, if you’re stumped over what to get your mother for her special day, consider a gift that will keep on giving: health.

“Heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory infections are the biggest threats to women’s health,” says Lori Devine, M.D., Mayo Clinic Health System women’s health physician. “By giving your mom a gift that promotes a healthy lifestyle, you’re doing her a big favor.”

Dr. Devine provides some suggestions for you to consider when brainstorming Mother’s Day gift ideas:

  • Exercise equipment
    A yoga mat, free weights, stability balls, workout DVDs and the like are ideal gifts for busy moms. If you really want to splurge, get mom a stationary bike.
  • Exercise gear
    New running shoes, tank tops and shorts could be just the thing for your mom.
  • Cookbooks
    There are many cookbooks full of easy, healthy recipes available. Bookmark a few recipes you think she’ll enjoy the most. Remember to pick a cookbook that’s specific to healthy eating. These recipes should include nutrient-rich ingredients that will keep your mom’s hunger satisfied and her body healthy.
  • Fitness tracking technology
    Moms who enjoy exercising and staying on top of their health goals probably would enjoy a wearable fitness tracker. These trackers, which usually take the form of bracelets, come in different colors. They have different features, depending on the brand and price. With the help of most wearable fitness trackers, you can track your sleep cycle, heart rate and miles walked. For moms who aren’t into technology, a pedometer also will do the trick.
  • Planner
    Most moms are busy. They’re so busy that they sometimes forget about important things, such as annual checkups and cancer screenings. Get your mother a planner, where she can pencil in her important tasks, including taking care of her health.

The bottom line is your mother should feel as though her children and friends love her enough to keep her healthy. Keeping mom healthy means having her around to celebrate more Mother’s Days.

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