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    Celebrating 1,000th Patient to Get Cochlear Implant

For more than 30 years, cochlear implants have been making a profound impact in the lives of deaf or severely hard of hearing children and adults by restoring their ability to hear. The program at Mayo Clinic was one of the earliest in the country to offer cochlear implants to patients when they were first approved. This month, surgeons at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota performed surgery on their 1,000th cochlear implant patient. The patient, a 44-year-old man from northern Minnesota, lost his hearing more than three months ago due to a medical condition; this week, he was able to hear sounds once again.

Otolaryngologist Colin Driscoll, M.D., says, “I think it might be impossible to overstate the profound impact that these devices have on people. The first day you turn it on everyone is emotional. It’s a scary time sometimes, but it’s also an exciting time.”

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Journalists: Sound bites with Dr. Driscoll and the 1,000 patient, Ritchie Hanson, are available in the downloads. B-roll and animations are also available.