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    Chronic Pain

More than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. On this program, we were joined by two pain specialists, Dr. Tracy Harrison and Dr. Barbara Bruce. What can you do if chronic pain is interfering with your life? Is it all in your head? Do you need to see a specialist?

12 Tips for Living With Chronic Pain

1.  Learn deep breathing or meditation.

2.  Reduce stress in your life.

3.  Boost chronic pain relief with natural endorphins from exercise.

4.  Cut back on alcohol which can worsen sleep problems.

5.  Join a support group.

6.  Don't smoke.

7.  Track your pain level and activities every day.

8.  Learn biofeedback.

9.  Get a massage.

10.  Express your sexuality.

11.  Eat a healthy diet; control your weight

12.  Find ways to distract yourself from the pain.

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